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Increase Revenue & Limit Expenses

At HCPL, we not only have a focus on increasing your income through competitive rates and marketing, but we also employ methods to keep your expenses low as well. One of the facets of our operating principals is to protect homeowner margins. As a business partner, we understand that if your profit margins are squeezed by additional costs and hidden fees, you are not likely to stay in that partnership. We believe that our success is in direct proportion to your success and have structured our business to increase revenue and limit expenses.

HCPL employs an in-house maintenance team that can address many maintenance and enhancement projects at a below market rate for our homeowners. In addition, we have fostered relationships with various trade companies such as plumbers, electricians, etc. so we can facilitate critical repairs for a reasonable price. We have also negotiated wholesale rates on a variety of hospitality products, from single use toiletries to linens and top of bed items. Savings that we pass on to homeowners that choose to take advantage of these options.

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Dynamic Pricing Factors Increasing Revenue

Evolving Rates

Dynamic pricing is constantly fine-tuning rates based on demand to bring you the highest possible revenue.

Smarter Occupancy

Our goal is to create a balance of nights rented and rental rates to avoid money being left on the table.

Amenity Types

Popular amenities like, hot tubs, swimming, pools, and river or lake access result in higher occupancy and generate more overall revenue for the year.

Market Data

Individualized pricing strategy that is constantly pulling local market data, provides the framework for your current rate model.

Competitive Listings

Reviews and competitive rates drive higher page placement on booking platforms to put your property at the top of potential guests search results.

Industry Expertise

Our team of local analysts monitor the algorithm to ensure your property is performing at its peak in every season.

Local analysts strategically market and list your property

We look forward to partnering with you and helping you net more.

Our homeowners enjoy the financial benefits of owning

an income property without the the headache and

stress that accompany self management.

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